How to File

The following page is specifically provided for self-represented persons filing a bankruptcy petition.  If you are considering filing without representation by an attorney and have not reviewed the information on the Before You File page, please do so now.

Gather Paperwork

The first step for filing bankruptcy is to gather all your financial paperwork, such as: your social security number, recent tax returns, monthly income, monthly living expenses,  debts owed including the name and address of the creditor and the amount owed.

Determine Process for Filing

Whether you file a chapter 7 or 13 case, you start with the same basic set of official federal forms and schedules and certain procedural and local forms as well.   The instructions will vary depending on the method you will use to fill out the paperwork.

Select one of the following options:

  • In-Person

Option 1:  Visit the Clerk's Office in-person and obtain the necessary paperwork

  • Fill out Papers Online

Option 2:  Follow the Instructions for Filing to guide you through the process.               

Please note that NM LBR 1074-1 requires corporations and partnerships to be represented by an attorney.