Closed Case Files

When a bankruptcy case or adversary proceeding "paper" file is first closed, it is stored in Albuquerque in the Clerk's Office closed files section until the majority of cases for that year are closed and the Clerk's Office no longer has the physical space to store closed cases filed in that year. As of July 2007, cases filed through 2004 and closed by June 2007 have been "retired" to the National Archives and Records Administration, Federal Records Center, in Denver

To request a closed or pending "paper" case file located in Albuquerque, contact the Clerk's Office.

To request a closed file or copies of documents from the Federal Records Center in Denver, see the instructions below.

To determine if a pre-2000 closed case file is located in Albuquerque or Denver, check the Denver File Lists.

Request a case file from the Federal Records Center in Denver

The fee to retrieve a case file (bankruptcy or adversary proceeding) from the Federal Records Center is $53.00. To request a case file, contact the Clerk's Office, and remit the $53.00 fee. After receipt of the fee, the Clerk's Office will order the file expecting to receive it within 5 business days. Clerk's Office staff will notify you when the case file is in Albuquerque and available for your review in the Clerk's Office. Once the case file is in Albuquerque, you may also order copies of documents in the case file from the Clerk's Office.

Request copies of documents from the Federal Records Center

You may order copies directly from the Federal Records Center. The Records Center will process a request for copies as follows:

  • Entire Case File: Includes all documents in a Business and Individual case file.
  • Pre-Selected Documents (Individual only): Includes the following documents, to the extent that they are contained in the case file: Discharge of Debtor (or Order of Dismissal or Final Decree), Voluntary Petition, Summary of Debts and Property, Schedules D, E and F. No substitutions will be made for these documents.
  • Docket Sheet: A list of documents filed in a Bankruptcy case; an outline of the case.
  • Certification: A seal certifying copies to be a valid reproduction of the file. This is available for an additional charge for all packages delivered by mail or express shipping. Certification for fax copies is not available.

Request copies directly from the Records Center, complete the Bankruptcy Form and fax it, mail it, or order it online. For current fees, see page three of the Bankruptcy Form.