Revision of Required NM Local Form: Declaration by Debtor For Electronic Filing

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Court has revised the local signature page (NM LF 902) splitting it into two forms and modifying the format in an effort to assist filers. Please see NM LF 902 now titled Individual Debtor’s Omnibus Signature Page and Declaration and NM LF 902A titled Non-Individual Debtor’s Omnibus Signature Page and Declaration.  Begin using revised NM LF 902 and NM LF 902A immediately. 

The forms are available in PDF and Word formats, and can be found on our website at Forms Local Forms using the search term “signature page” and also via these links:

The forms have been provided to the bankruptcy software vendors most attorneys use.  Nevertheless, if you use a commercial software package to manage the e-filing of documents, please contact your vendor to ensure the form is available for use.