Revision of Required NM Local Form: Declaration by Debtor For Electronic Filing

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Bankruptcy Clerk’s Office has significantly revised NM LF 902 Signature Page: Declaration by Debtor for e-filed petitions and eliminated NM LF 903.  NM LF 902 is the form that will be used when documents are filed with the petition or filed after the petition which makes NM LF 903 obsolete.

The new form may be used immediately, but is required for use as of February 3, 2014, pursuant to NM LBR 9009-1 .  The new form can be used for any chapter and debtor type.  It is available in PDF, WordPerfect, and Word formats, and can be found on our website at Forms ➝ Local Forms ➝ Signature Page: Declaration by Debtor. The form has been provided to the bankruptcy software vendors most attorneys use.  Nevertheless, if you use a commercial software package to manage the e-filing of documents, please contact your vendor to ensure the form is available for use by the effective date.