Cable Installation - Request for Open Market Pricing

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The court has a requirement to install a structured cabling system in this space as described in the attached Statement of Work (SOW). Applicable drawings and specifications are also attached to this RFQ.

This is a request for open market pricing. A firm fixed price award from this RFQ will be made based on the lowest priced, technically acceptable offer. Each vendor shall submit with their quote documentation validating their category 6 Ethernet cabling certification, as well as, three references of similar sized projects.

If interested in submitting a quote, please review the Request For Quote (RFQ) below and submit the information to the email address listed on page 1 of the RFQ by 5PM MDT on 28 July 2017. Drawings/blueprints can be made available by emailing the address listed on page 1 of the RFQ.

RFQ RFQ-17-0002

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