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Keywords/Topic Date Title Description Judge
Avoidance Actions     08/30/2000     Carlos LaBadie     

522; Judicial notice

Judge James Starzynski
Motion to Sell     08/25/2000     Sherry A. Knight and Arthur A. Knight     

363(f)(4); Bona fide dispute

Judge James Starzynski
Relief from Stay     08/16/2000     EMS Enterprises, L.L.C. v. Transamerica Small Business Service (In re EMS Enterprises, L.L.C.)     

Arbitration; 3rd party beneficiaries

Judge James Starzynski
Dischargeability     07/17/2000     Albuquerque Veteran's Administration FCU, et al. v. Jesse Lynn Huffman (In re Huffman)     


Judge James Starzynski
Dischargeability     07/14/2000     Lorraine Martinez v. Richard Steven Martinez (In re Martinez)     


Judge James Starzynski
Adversary, Dismissal     07/14/2000     Norvin Lee, et al. v. Western Surety Company (In re Gallup Auto Sales Inc.)     

FRCP 12(b)(6); Motor vehicle dealer's bond

Judge James Starzynski
Dischargeability     07/11/2000     Robert Garcia, et al. v. Terry Sykes (In re Sykes)     


Judge James Starzynski
Dismissal     07/04/2000     Richard Joseph Drovdal and Carla Gale Drovdal     


Judge James Starzynski
Default Judgment     06/20/2000     Philip E. Cushman, et al. v. Jean H. Wilkinson (In re Wilkinson)     

Motion to set aside default judgment

Judge James Starzynski
Reconsideration     05/12/2000     Santa Fe Private Equity Fund, L.P.     

502(j); Motion to reconsider

Judge James Starzynski