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Keywords/Topic Date Title Description Judge
Preference     04/15/2005     Yvette J. Gonzales v. Dicker-Warmington Properties (In re Furr's Supermarkets, Inc.)     

547 Preference action against landlord; contemporaneous exchange

Judge James Starzynski
Adversary, Dismissal     04/15/2005     HomeLoan.com,Inc. v. William Loughborough, et al. (In re HomeLoan.com, Inc.)     

Proposed findings and conclusions on Motion to dismiss amended complaint that added breach of contract claim (based on Texas law).  Adopted by District Court, 02-1244.46 (D. N.M. 6/2/05)

Judge James Starzynski
Dischargeability     04/08/2005     Martha T. Foltyn v. Fred W. Richardson (In re Fred W. Richardson and Eileen M. Richardson)     

Motion to dismiss 523 claim

Judge James Starzynski
Dismissal     04/06/2005     Revo Law Firm, P.C. v. Allan L. Knighten (In re Allan L. Knighten and Patricia M. Knighten)     

Motion to dismiss 523 dischargeability action; fiduciary duty

Judge James Starzynski
Proof of Claim     04/06/2005     Anita M. Hutt     

Secured tax claim not also a priority claim

Judge James Starzynski
Attorneys Fees, Chapter 11     04/01/2005     Union Home and Industrial, Inc.     

Attorney fees in chapter 11; process to employ attorney in chapter 11

Judge James Starzynski
Chapter 13, Confirmation     03/24/2005     Filandro R Anaya and Odette Chavez-Anaya     

Confirmation, cramdown, classification, "fair and equitable", 1129

Judge James Starzynski
Attorneys Fees, Remand     03/22/2005     Angel Fire Resort Operations, LLC., v. Lewis Pierce (In re Angel Fire Corp. and Angel Fire Ski Corporation)     

Attorney fees awarded when case remanded

Judge James Starzynski
Miscellaneous, Summary Judgment     03/16/2005     Schueller v. Balizan-Diaz (In re Balizan-Diaz)     

Fraud, Rule 9(b), res judicata, collateral estoppel, summary judgment, fiduciary capacity, 523(a)(6), derivative actions, embezzlement

Judge James Starzynski
Chapter 13     03/11/2005     Manzanares     

Treatment of fully secured creditor outside chapter 13 plan

Judge James Starzynski