Dee's FoodService - ABQ Inc., A New Mexico Corporation


Dee's FoodService - ABQ Inc., A New Mexico Corporation
3300 Menaul NE
Albuqueruqe, NM 87107
Tax ID / EIN: 85-0227579

dba Dee's FoodService
fdba Dee's Cheesecake Factory
fdba Cheesecake Factory

Case Number:  16-11560-j11
Chapter:  11
Filed on: June 24, 2016

William J Arland, III
PO Box 1089
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1357
Fax : 505.955.0769

341 Meeting:  The meeting will be held July 21, 2016 at 9:30 AM  MST

Dennis Chavez Federal Building & US Courthouse
500 Gold Ave SW, Room 124111
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102


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Notice of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case, Meeting of Creditors, & Deadlines

If you received a notice in the mail, you may be a creditor of Dee's FoodService - ABQ, Inc. (the debtor) or you may have received the notice to alert you that Dee's FoodService - ABQ, Inc. has filed for bankruptcy.  You may be listed as a person Quick Cash has loaned money to or done business with.

  • A debtor is the person, corporation, or other entity that has filed a bankruptcy case.
  • A creditor is a person, corporation, or other entity to whom the debtor owes a debt that was incurred before the filing of the bankruptcy case.

The Notice of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case will provide a date, time, and location of the Meeting of Creditors (341 Meeting). 

  • The Meeting of Creditors is a meeting conducted by the trustee who asks the debtor questions about the debtor's financial condition.  Creditors are also provided the opportunity to ask questions concerning the debtor's income, property, and debts.  *Creditors may attend, but are not required to do so.

Notice of Deadline for Filing Proofs of Claim

You will receive a Notice of Deadline for Filing a Proof of Claim.  You should review the notice carefully to determine whether you should file a Proof of Claim.  

  • A Proof of Claim is a written statement (with supporting documentation) that describes the reason the debtor owes the creditor money.  

For further information regarding Proofs of Claim, please see the following page:  Filing a Proof of Claim

View Case Information On-line

You may view the case docket report and documents filed in the case, including the petition and schedules of the debtor, on-line via the Court's public access to court electronic records (PACER) system.  To register for a PACER account and for more information about PACER, go to the PACER Service Center at  There is no cost to register for a PACER account, and the cost to use the service is nominal.

You may also view case information for free in the Clerk's Office from one of our public computers.  The fee to print copies from the public computers is $0.10 per page.