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Unless the court determines otherwise, a hearing will not be vacated due to settlement unless an order resolving the matter or vacating the hearing is submitted before the hearing and the judge’s office is notified by telephone. Otherwise, counsel shall appear at the hearing to apprise the court of the settlement.

A judgment or order shall identify the motion or application upon which it is based and shall set out the relief granted. A party directed to prepare a judgment or order shall submit a proposed form promptly and shall sign it to certify the facts recited therein. Unless otherwise ordered, the form of a judgment or order shall be approved by all parties appearing in the matter, and shall list the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses, if known, of all attorneys and others entitled to notice of entry thereof.

Notice of entry of orders and judgments and service of certain papers by the clerk shall be by electronic transmission in accordance with guidelines established by the court. Pursuant to FRCP 5(b)(3), the court authorizes registered electronic filers to use its case management and electronic filing system to make service under FRCP 5(b)(2)(E).

Unless the court orders otherwise, the court will retain an official set of exhibits submitted at a trial or final hearing for 30 days after the final disposition of each matter for which exhibits have been submitted. The parties have 30 days after the final disposition of each matter to retrieve the exhibits submitted on that matter. Exhibits not retrieved within that period may be destroyed.