5005-2 Electronic Filing

(a)     E-filing Mandatory for Attorneys. Subject to section (d) below, and unless the court orders otherwise, all papers filed by an attorney shall be submitted electronically via the court’s electronic filing system.

(b)     Electronic Filing Policies and Procedures. The clerk shall prepare and publish policies and procedures for electronic filing, which the clerk may amend from time to time. These procedures, which are exempt from the public notice and comment requirements for adoption of local rules, shall have the force of local rules. A link to the procedures will be available on the court’s web page.

(c)     After Hours Electronic Filing.  Unless ordered otherwise, any paper filed electronically must be filed before midnight local time to be considered timely filed that day.

(d)     Alternate Filing Methods. For good cause, the court may authorize the submission of papers for filing by alternate means.

(e)     Signatures. Any paper physically signed and filed electronically, or filed in paper form and thereafter converted to an electronic document by the clerk, has the same force and effect as an original. Verified or certified papers filed electronically shall be treated for all purposes (both civil and criminal, including penalties for perjury) as if they had been physically signed and/or subscribed. An attorney shall not file a paper requiring a person’s signature without obtaining the person’s signature before filing.

(f)     Attorney and Trustee Signatures for Electronic Filing Purposes. The use of an attorney’s or trustee’s password to file a document electronically constitutes the original signature of that attorney or trustee for purposes of BR 9011. Each attorney, law firm, trustee, or other person that obtains a password for electronic filing is responsible for the account security and use. No attorney, law firm, trustee, or other person may knowingly permit or cause to permit an electronic filer’s password to be used by anyone other than an authorized member, employee, or agent of the electronic filer’s firm.