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Keywords/Topic Date Title Description Judge
Sanctions     01/18/2001     Wilderness Exchange, Inc. v. Brian K Dudney (In re Dudney)     

Discovery sanctions

Judge James Starzynski
Dismissal or Conversion     01/17/2001     Brian Keith Dudney and Heather Helen Hall-Dudney     

Conversion to chapter 13

Judge James Starzynski
Avoidance Actions     12/21/2000     Jasper E. Cisneros and Irene Cisneros     

522; Lien on homestead; 257 B.R. 332 (Bankr. D. N.M. 2000)

Judge James Starzynski
Collateral Estoppel     12/17/2000     Charles Curran v. Mark Woloshuk (In re Woloshuk)     

Collateral estoppel

Judge James Starzynski
Remand     12/05/2000     State of New Mexico v. Frank R. Trujillo (In re Trujillo)     


Judge James Starzynski
Disgorge Fees     11/30/2000     Edna Ruth Oldaker     

US Trustee's motion to disgorge fees in consumer chapter 7 debtor cases.  Section 329.  Rule 2017.  Reasonable value determination factors.

Judge James Starzynski
Preference     10/20/2000     Robert L. Finch v. Jerry Egelund (In re Gallup Auto Sales Inc.)     

547; Preference

Judge James Starzynski
Chapter 13     10/19/2000     Michael Roy Leon-Guerrero and Evelyn Dolores Facio     

Chapter 13; projected disposable income; classification

Judge James Starzynski
Setoff     10/16/2000     Daniel Krupiak     

Setoff of 303(i) awards

Judge James Starzynski
Dischargeability     10/16/2000     Steve Devitt v. Educational Credit Management Corp. (In re Devitt)     


Judge James Starzynski