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ChapMobile Calendar Application



We are pleased to announce that the Free Public Calendar App, ChapMobile, is now available for download from the Apple App Store and from Google Play.

The ChapMobile App displays the Court’s Public Hearing Calendar viewable anytime and anywhere on your favorite mobile device or tablet.

ChapMobile provides a fast and easy method to view judges' hearing calendars and scheduled 341 meetings for a 30-day period.

Users can save and track favorite cases, search hearings by attorney, debtor, and case name, view court locations and contact information, and customize settings for a streamlined user experience.

ChapMobile Features

Hearing Calendar

Quickly view upcoming public daily hearing calendars for Bankruptcy judges across the country. Calendar views include case and hearing information, hearing date, time, and location. Easily search for hearings by Debtor Name or Case Number and Track Active Hearings in the App.

My Lists

Save time tracking information for the same cases and attorneys. Create personalized lists to follow your favorite attorneys, bankruptcy cases or debtors with upcoming court hearings.


View court address and jump to court websites. Call or email the court directly from the App.  Navigate to a different court directly from the app.

341 Calendar

For new case filings: The 341 daily calendar view includes date, time, meeting location, and case information for each bankruptcy Trustee with an upcoming 341 calendar. Easily search for a 341 Meeting by Debtor Name, Case Number, or Attorney.

Attorney Search

It could take anywhere from three to six hours (may be done at one time or several sessions) to enter your information. You can speed up the data entry process if you have documents such as these listed below readily available.


Select a court you want to visit. Control your view and favorite lists in the App settings. App personalization is easy to use.

Get Started and Download App Now!

The ChapMobile app is available for free for both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

iOS devices: Go to the Apple App Store from your Apple device and search for "ChapMobile" to install the app. Requires an Apple ID.

Android devices: Go to Google Play from your Android device and search for "ChapMobile" to install the app.