Recommended Forms for Use in Chapter 13 Case

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Court has posted to its website three recommended (but not required) Chapter 13 forms:

1) Attorney Fee Application

2) Order Approving Fee Application
3) Confirmation Order

You may begin using these forms right away.

The Attorney Fee Application and Order Approving Fee Application simplify the compensation information to assist both the filer and the clerk's office with proper docketing and reporting of attorneys' fees and expenses.

When using the Confirmation Order, add provisions to the decretal paragraph granting the particularized relief sought (e.g., the judicial lien of creditor "x" recorded on (date) in the real property records of (county) is avoided). Or, you may submit separate orders granting the particularized relief requested in the Chapter 13 plan at the same time you submit the Confirmation Order.