New Fee Increases to Take Effect December 1, 2016

Monday, October 31, 2016

The Judicial Conference of the United States has approved several bankruptcy related fee increases at its September 2016 session.  These fee increases will take effect starting December 1, 2016.

 The change impacts the following fees:

  • Ordering a copy of a recording increases to $31

  • Filing a motion to compel abandonment of property increases to $181

  • Filing a motion to modify or lift the automatic stay increases to $181

  • Filing a motion to sell property of the estate free and clear of liens increases to $181

  • Filing a motion to withdraw U. S. District Court reference increases to $181

  • The search fee - per name or item searched increases to $31

  • Exemplification of a document (in addition to per page copy fee) increases to $22

  • Amendment to schedules or creditor list (including mailing list) to add or delete a creditor, or change the amount or classification of the debt.  Fee is due per amended document, not per item changed.  Fee increases to $31.

  • Filing any document that is not related to a pending case or proceeding, such as registering a judgement increases to $47

A revised fee schedule will be posted on the Court’s web site by December 1st

 For questions regarding these fees, please contact the Court toll free at 866-291-6805 or via email