Chapter 13 Plan (For Cases Filed or Converted Before 5/1/2021)

NM LF 3015-2

Chapter 13
Mandatory Forms
E-Filing Instructions: 

For Chapter 13 Plans that need additional rows than provided in the fillable pdf form, you may use the exandable, fillable pdf which allows for expansion of the table rows as needed.

To use the expandable PDF version of the form, you will need to download (right click and "save as", "save link as" or  “save target as”) the form then open it using an Adobe Acrobat or compatible program; the form will not display if you open it directly in your browser.  Complete the form and then print to PDF before filing to flatten the document.  In order to save the document in an editable form, you may need a full version of Adobe Acrobat.

Other related forms and guidance: 

Required 12/1/17


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Friday, December 1, 2017