New General Chambers' Procedures

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

All practitioners and self-represented parties appearing in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Mexico are urged to familiarize themselves with the procedures set forth on the new General Chambers’ Procedures page, which has been added to the Clerk’s website for the Court.

Links to the new web page are located in the Judges/Opinions pull down menu at the top of the Clerk’s Home page, and also under the topic “Chambers” on the lower left of the home page.

The General Chambers’ Procedures page describes procedures applicable in all cases and proceedings over which either Judge Jacobvitz or Judge Thuma is presiding.  Included on the page are both mandatory and suggested procedures and forms of orders.  They include, for example:

•    Procedures for scheduling, status, and pretrial conferences in adversary proceedings.
•    A new form of pretrial order for use in adversary proceedings.
•    Forms of orders resulting from scheduling conferences in adversary proceedings and preliminary hearings in contested matters.
•    Procedures for requesting telephone appearances at hearings.
•    Default stay relief orders for enforcement of liens with the legend at the top:  “If an order is not submitted in substantially this form, counsel ordinarily will be asked to justify the changes.”
•    A slightly revised claims bar date order.
•    An order for use in connection with employment of professionals.
•    An order permitting use of a limited mailing list for serving notices.
•    A revised sample offer of proof in chapter 11 cases.