Vision, Mission, and Values of the Clerk's Office


We fulfill the public's trust by providing excellent customer service.


The Clerk's Office supports the overall mission of the Bankruptcy Court to provide an efficient forum for the fair, complete, and timely administration of the economic crisis of the debtor. It is the Clerk's Office's duty to serve as the repository of current, accurate records, provide timely information about cases and procedures, carry out legal requirements for providing notice of legal actions, diligently administer court funds, proactively move cases to prompt resolution, and manage all other administrative operations of the Court.

Our values inspire us as public servants to continuously improve and achieve the highest possible performance. These values fall into three areas: core, prerequisite, aspirational.

Core Values

Our three core values are central to everything we are and do in the Court and Clerk's Office for the United States Bankruptcy Court, District of New Mexico. These three core values answer the question, "What do we stand for?"

Prerequisite Values

The two prerequisite values define the caliber of employee and high level of performance required to meet the core values.

Aspirational Values

We have five aspirational values we continuously strive to achieve. Our goal is to consistently aspire to embody these values.