Corporate Ownership Statement

Form(s)  Corporate Ownership Statement:  Bankruptcy   Adversary   Bankruptcy Rule 1007(a)(1) & 7007.1



  1. Click Bankruptcy or Adversary Menu
  2. Click Miscellaneous
  1. Enter the bankruptcy case number (e.g., 11-10491), or adversary case number (e.g., 12-1003)


  1. Search for the event by typing Corporate Ownership Statement in the empty box above Available Events



  1. At the Select the Party screen, select the Party and click Next


  1. Browse, verify, and attach the document


  1. Check to see if the corporate parent / affiliate was added during case opening.   If the name is displayed, click on End corporate parent/affiliate selection  




  1. Docket Text:  Modify as Appropriate, click Next
  2. Review final docket text

  3. Click Next

  4. NEF Displays