Corporate Ownership Statement

Form(s)  Corporate Ownership Statement:  Bankruptcy   Adversary   Bankruptcy Rule 1007(a)(1) & 7007.1



  1. Click Bankruptcy or Adversary Menu
  2. Click Miscellaneous
  1. Enter the bankruptcy case number (e.g., 11-10491), or adversary case number (e.g., 12-1003)


  1. Search for the event by typing Corporate Ownership Statement in the empty box above Available Events
      • The event name  Corporate Ownership Statement will appear in the Available Events box
      • Click Corporate Ownership Statement to select
      • The event will then appear in the Selected Events box
      • Click Next



  1. At the Select the Party screen, select the Party and click Next


  1. Browse, verify, and attach the document


  1. Check to see if the corporate parent / affiliate was added during case opening.   If the name is displayed, click on End corporate parent/affiliate selection  




  1. Docket Text:  Modify as Appropriate, click Next
  2. Review final docket text

  3. Click Next

  4. NEF Displays