Amended Schedules

NM LF 16 (Notice of Amendment)
NM LF 16C (Notice of Amendment to Schedule C)
NM LF 32 (Notice Given to Additional Parties)
Unsworn Declaration for Amended Schedules or Official Form B6 - Declaration
  NM LBR 1009-1


1.  Click Bankruptcy Menu

Quick Note


  1. New Mexico Local Rule 1009-1 requires that:

  1. Debtor(s) must sign and verify amended schedule(s).  See Signature Page as Attachment.

  2. If deleting creditors from the schedules, file a Motion to Amend Mailing List to Delete Creditors. You will not use the Amended Schedules event.

2.  Click Miscellaneous

3.  Enter the case number (ie: 11-10491)

  1. Select Amended Schedules




  1. Click Next

  2. At the Select the Party screen, select the debtor(s) and click Next

  3. Browse, verify, and attach the document, click Next


  1. Check the item(s) being amended:




Note:  Do not use this event if the only document being amended is the Summary of Schedules and/or the Statistical Summary.  


Instead, use the specific events under the Miscellaneous menu:  


  1. Depending on the selection(s), a series of options is displayed.  



Schedule Being Amended

Schedule A

Schedule B

Schedule C

Schedule D

Schedule E

Schedule F

Schedule G

Schedule H

Schedule I

Schedule J



  1. If amending schedules D, E, F, G, H, the following screen appears:




  1. If adding creditors, changing the amount of a debt, or changing the classification of a debt, the fee screen appears:




  1. When adding creditors, a message displays:

You will be presented with the opportunity to enter creditors on the next screen. You may want to copy and paste the creditor addresses from your text file, Click Next


Add Creditors(s) screen displays


  1. Click Next

  2. Reminder messages display.  When you complete this process, file the remaining documents (as necessary):


  1. Review final docket text

  2. Click Next

  3. NEF Displays