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Keywords/Topic Date Title Description Judge
Chapter 11, Reconsideration     04/02/2008     Gonzales v. Albuquerque Tortilla Co., Inc. (In re Furrs Supermarkets, Inc.)     

Motion to extend time to file motion to reconsider.  Rule 9006(b)(2).

Judge James Starzynski
Administrative Claims     03/24/2008     In re Rio Valley Motors Co. LLC     

Administrative claim; 503(b)(1); 503(b)(9). 2008 WL 824271

Judge James Starzynski
Chapter 11     03/21/2008     Gonzales v. Albuquerque Tortilla Co., Inc. (In re Furrs Supermarkets, Inc.)     

Suit by chapter 7 trustee to recover overpayments made during chapter 11 portion of case.  Open account; unjust enrichment; American rule for attorney fees; pre- and post-justment interest. 2008 WL 820076

Judge James Starzynski
Dismissal     03/19/2008     Young Insurance Agency, Inc. v. Baker (In re Baker)     

Case dismissed 12(b)(6); 523(a)(2), (4), (6); American rule attorney fees.  2008 WL 753738

Judge James Starzynski
Chapter 12     03/19/2008     In re Larry F. and Augustina L. Zamora     

Chapter 12 plan interpretation of requirement of annual payments.  Motion to modify.   2008 WL 752456

Judge James Starzynski
Proof of Claim     03/17/2008     In re Allied Discount Corp.     

Informal proof of claim.  2008 WL 746993

Judge James Starzynski
Summary Judgment     02/29/2008     Bonito Land & Livestock, Inc. v. Green (In re Green)     

Motion for summary judgment on 523(a)(4), fraud or defalcation in a fiduciary capacity.  386 B.R. 865.

Judge James Starzynski
Summary Judgment     02/25/2008     Arellano v. Montoya et al. (In re Arellano)     

Motion for summary judgment, fraud, negligence, prima facie tort.  NOTE:  This Memo Opinion was set aside upon request of the parties due to a pending settlement.  384 B.R. 586.

Judge James Starzynski
Adversary     02/20/2008     Davidson v. Bungay et al. (In re Davidson)     

Service of subpoena; motion to set aside default.  2008 WL 504093

Judge James Starzynski
Adversary     01/31/2008     CBM Group, Inc. v. Bloom (In re Cook)     

Contract construction.  Parol evidence rule.  2008 WL 304894

Judge James Starzynski