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Keywords/Topic Date Title Description Judge
Reaffirmation Agreements     08/29/2008     In re Diane Ulibarri     

Reaffirmation agreement.  11 USC 524(m).

Judge James Starzynski
Judicial Liens - Avoidance     08/15/2008     In re John Biesterveld     

Motion to avoid judicial lien on homestead one-half owned.  42-10-9, 522(f)  2008 WL 5157700

Judge James Starzynski
Chapter 11, Dismissal     08/14/2008     In re Mountain Highlands, LLC     

Chapter 11 debtor allowed to dismiss case after it became a two party dispute.  Debtor authorized to pay small unsecured creditors as condition of dismissal.  11 USC 1112.  2008 WL 5157518

Judge James Starzynski
Miscellaneous     08/14/2008     In re Christina B. Ortiz     

Debtor allowed to cure home mortgage on which she was not in privity with mortgagee because she inherited the property.  2008 WL 5157682

Judge James Starzynski
BAPCPA     08/13/2008     In re Larry L. Morinia and Brenda Joyce Morinia     

Debtors allowed increased homestead exemption after statute was amended for debts arising before statute amended.  42-10-9, 522  2008 WL 5157501

Judge James Starzynski
Dischargeability     06/30/2008     Shepard v. Shepard (In re Marla J. Shepard)     

Dischargeability of marital settlement agreement.  523(a)(15).  2008 WL 5157898

Judge James Starzynski
Chapter 11, Dismissal or Conversion     06/19/2008     In re Pinnacle Laboratories, Inc.     

Conversion.  1112.  substantial and continuing loss to the estate in conjunction with the absence of a reasonable likelihood for rehabilitation.  2008 WL 5157981

Judge James Starzynski
Reaffirmation Agreements     04/24/2008     In re Joel Brett Neatherlin and Denise Marie Neatherlin     

Burden on creditor to ensure that reaffirmation agreements are completely and accurately filled out before submitting to court.

Judge James Starzynski
Garnishment     04/16/2008     The Cadle Company v. Louis Paul Rochester and Luanne Rochester (In re Louis Paul Rochester)     

Garnishment of jointly held bank account for separate debt of one spouse.  2008 WL 1782350

Judge James Starzynski
Miscellaneous     04/14/2008     Grace v. MRT Heavy Hauling (In re Eldon and Dianna Grace)     

Damages, economic waste doctrine, interest.  2008 WL 1766752

Judge James Starzynski