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Keywords/Topic Date Title Description Judge
Jurisdiction     10/09/2009     Morrison Supply Co. v. Lauren Dalton (In re Lauren Dalton)     

Probate exception to federal jurisdiction.  415 B.R. 838

Judge James Starzynski
Chapter 13     10/08/2009     In re Cynthia J. Nevels     

Sections 507(a)(2), 1322(b)(4), 1326(b), distribution order in Chapter 13.  415 B.R. 832

Judge James Starzynski
Adversary, Standing     10/08/2009     Becarren Danika Schultz v. Rick Homans, Secretary et al. (In re Becarren Danika Schultz)     

Standing, mootness.  2009  WL 3261687.

Judge James Starzynski
Avoidance Actions     10/08/2009     In re Larry L. Morinia and Brenda Joyce Morinia     

Section 522(f).  2009 WL 3261691.Av

Judge James Starzynski
Adversary     09/23/2009     Sam Grijalva Jr. v. NM Taxation & Revenue Dept. (In re Sam Grijalva Jr.)     

Tax Injunction Act, 28 U.S.C. 1341.

Judge James Starzynski
Summary Judgment     09/18/2009     Cago Inc. v Slade     

Motion Not Properly Supported by Evidence  Adversary No. 08-1065 (Docket No. 17) (Bankr.D.N.M. 09/18/09, J. Jacobvitz)

Chief Judge Robert H. Jacobvitz
Damages     09/17/2009     Integrated Technology Solutions, Inc.     

Consequential Damages When Injury is Suffered by an Affiliate.  417 B.R. 643 (Bankr.D.N.M. 2009, J. Jacobvitz)

Chief Judge Robert H. Jacobvitz
Chapter 11, Dismissal or Conversion     09/15/2009     Melendez Concrete Inc.     

Dismissal or Conversion Under 11 U.S.C. §1112(b) - 2009 WL 2997920 (Bankr.D.N.M. 2009, J. Jacobvitz)

Chief Judge Robert H. Jacobvitz
Summary Judgment     08/27/2009     In re Anthony John Mendez and Dorothy Mae Mendez     

Summary judgment.  Local Rule re: summary judgment practice.  Rule 56(f).  Substantial justification under Equal Access to Justice Act.  411 B.R. 403.

Judge James Starzynski
Abandonment, Dismissal     08/21/2009     Bloom v. Michael Reynolds et al. (In re Thomas Clay Wilson)     

Motion to Dismiss.  Rules 12(b)(1), 12(b)(7).  Abandonment.  Rule 19.  Necessary parties.  2009 WL 2913148.

Judge James Starzynski