5005-4.1 Electronic Filing - Mandatory Electronic Filing

 (a)        E-filing Mandatory for Attorneys.  Subject to subsection (c) below, and unless the court orders otherwise, all papers filed by an attorney shall be submitted electronically via the court's electronic filing system.

 (b)       Electronic Filing Procedures.  The clerk shall prepare and publish procedures for electronic filing, which shall be amended from time to time, and applied, with due regard for developing technology.  These procedures, which are exempt from the public notice and comment requirements for adoption of local rules, shall have the force of local rules.

 (c)        Facsimile Filings.  The clerk shall not accept papers filed via facsimile without judicial approval unless:

(1)        the filing is due to technical problems and is accompanied by a certificate of inability to electronically file as prescribed by the court's electronic filing procedures; or

(2)        the filing of the document is otherwise authorized under the electronic filing procedures.

If no judge is available, the clerk has the discretion to authorize filing by facsimile. Any required filing fee must be paid to the clerk at or before the time of the facsimile filing.

 Note:   Form NM LF 11 was created by the clerk for compliance with subsection (c)(1) of this rule.